The theme was based on the art of Jack Kirby art.
Hulk Bedroom Window view
Thor Lands On Sakaar Landfill
Surtur Lair
Scavengers Attack
Grand master Hologram And Ship Controlling Gladiators Revolt
Grandmaster Ship Crashed
Dog Fight In Sakaar
First mood sketch for Sakaar
Hulk parade from the air
Early sketch for the city and transportation.
Defining some neighborhoods
Aerial Sakaar Concept Illustration
My Zbrush city model turntable, below are some detailing of the main architecture with the idea of different eras and architects. The Grandmaster spacecraft was once part of the building, the warsong, Valkyrie spacecraft would land at the top of the palace to deliver her prisoner, Thor.
Grandmaster statue concept for the Palace entrance.
Concept Grandmaster ship ( Designed by Til Novak) take off ramp and the Idea that i would have the craft part of the palace tower..

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